For the little ones

If you chose to travel along with your little ones, here are some suggestions on how to spend your days all together starting from Hotel Doria.

With its new seafront, equipped with playgrounds, children will be able to play in a safe space. In the Baia del Silenzio (en: Silent Bay), and in the bigger Baia delle Favole (en: Fable Bay), they will be able to build sandcastles an amazing golden sand beach.


- The Aquarium and the “Un battito d'ali” Tropical Garden: 12000 specimens of 600 different species.
- Galata, Museum of the Sea: History of the sea narrated via galleys, steamers and 6000 original objects.
- S 518 Nazario Sauro submarine: The first museum ship in Italy, visitable in the water.
- La città dei bambini e dei ragazzi (en: The city of kids and teens): 90 engaging science themed games for kids and teens from 2 to 14 years.
- The National Antarctic Museum: A new edutainment experience to master your knowledge of the icy continent.
- The Biosphere: A millions years old ecosystem, extraordinary among vegetal and animal species.
- Bigo: The panoramic elevator to walk 40 meters up over the sea.

Its castle and is Geopalontologic Museum: a trip to around 220 millions of years ago, following the dinosaurs' footstep, that, thanks to laboratories and activities, will let you relieve a piece of history.

You will be able to take a walk in the Cinque Terre park, comfortably reachable by train and by ferry.