Varese Ligure: Nature, Art and its delicious Biologic Products

Just an hour away from Cavi Borgo, you will find Varese Ligure.
A picturesque medieval village of our hinterland, it is nestled in Val di Vara, a place deservedly called the "Biological Valley". Varese Ligure is a town with an ancient flavor that for its suggestive beauty. It received the Orange Flag from the Italian Touring Club, as well as the inclusion in the prestigious list of "Italy's most Beautiful Boroughs"

The ancient village has maintained its original urban layout. The first nucleus, called Borgo Rotondo (litteraly Round Borough), was built in the 13th century at the behest of the Genoese Fieschi family who, for defensive purposes, created a circular structure of houses and buildings around the market square, closed only by two doors. Notable visits in the historical center are the Montetanano Castle, Fieschi Castle, the Grexino Bridge, the oratory of Saints Antonio and Rocco and Borgorotondo.

To visit: the Borgo, the Castle, the Church of San Giovanni Battista.