In the steep and green natural amphitheater, among the olive trees and maritime pines of the Paradise Gulf, on the shore is Camogli.
The marina with its colorful boats, the multicolored houses, a seafaring tradition that is still alive, the joy of the fish festival: so we remember the "City of the Thousand White Sailing Ships" and you feel the nostalgia when you are away.

The Old Town develops around the port, with the Parish Church, the Dragon Castle on the ancient "Island" (or "the George" as it is affectionately called), and the beautiful decorated houses. The terrace of the Castle offers an enchanting view of the port and the alleys of the old Camogli.
And it is in the "caruggi" near the port that one often meets the image of the Virgin, to whom the Camogliesi, in the centuries, have always turned invoking protection for their loved ones far away on the sea.

From the small port, crowded by fishermen’s boats and tourist boats that cross the waters to S.Fruttuoso, begins the walk to the sea.It is via Outdoor life lovers ca walk on the promontory of Portofino, which offers an exceptional sample of vegetation.
"Walk of the quiet" is the path from Ruta to S.Rocco. Who does not feel like getting to Ruta on foot can start from there and along a flat road get to S.Rocco his church and a beautiful view. Then if you are in strength you can walk through one of the paths that lead to Portofino Vetta or Punta Chiappa and S.Fruttuoso.
In spring there are also the most famous events, such as the bonfires of S.Fortunato and the Fish Festival.
In summer the wide beach of Camogli is irresistible. For those who do not want to spend the whole day lying on the sand, inevitable is a boat trip to S.Fruttuoso or a tour of the Paradise Gulf.

In July the feast of Christ of the Abyss is celebrated in San Fruttuoso, while in August the sea is covered with floating lights for the homage to the Stella Maris.
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By Car: Take the Highway A12 exit at Recco, then follow the signs to Camogli.

By Train: we recommend to move by train, because there are not many parking spaces. Directly from the Cavi Railway Station or from the nearby Lavagna Railway Station with a local train in 30 minutes you can reach Camogli.

By Ferry: Unfortunately nothing from Lavagna or Sestri Levante but once arrived in Camogli there are boats that lead to San Fruttuoso - Punta Chiappe - or even to Genoa or Cinque Terre.
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